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This is a little easier for me to express, as I have spent much time exploring my sexuality, I find that, as with most people, I grew up with many sexual hang ups, and an intricate entwinement of shame and sexuality. Part of the process of growing past this has been learning how to be honest, vulnerable and present with a partner, learning to identify what works for me and how to ask for it. So many women have been socialised to put their partners pleasure before their own, to restrain themselves but any problems with arousal or reaching orgasm is their fault. This leads to sex as an ego boosting performace, and preventing their partner from ever learning how to satisfy them. Overcoming this has allowed me to truly explore and develop my sexuality, grow in confidence and feel in tune my body.

I am a striking blonde, 5'8,with a slim hourglass figure. My favourite physical assets are my natural DD breasts and small waist. I am best suited to somebody looking for a woman, not a girl, someone who knows who they are. I am a sensual person, I love touch, I love intimacy, and I love affection, and I absolutely LOVE kissing, it is an indispensable part of sexuality for me.I don’t like to rush, feel like I’m in a hurry, or playing a persona. I think sex is something to be savoured. I enjoy meetings that play out like a real date, and I love meeting for dinner or drinks, getting lost in conversation and letting chemistry and connection develop at a natural pace.

I am interested in Tantra and currently practise it in my private life. I also have several years experience with massage training, this is a personal favourite, I love the feeling of skin on skin. I also have knowledge of Lingam and Yoni massage, and can both perform and teach the basics to you. I have found Tantra and Lingam to be very helpful with anyone suffering from any sexual related anxiety. It is well known to be helpful for issues with premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and inability to reach orgasm. Please note that if you would like to explore this, Tantra is not a set of tricks or technique that can be rattled off in an hour for increased gratification, it is a perspective and mindset, not a quick fix, and I do not consider myself an expert by any means, despite studying and practising for quite some time. That said if you are curious then I am always happy to share, just know that it is a very deep area of study, and involves a lot of patience, and unlearning as well as learning, not something that can be quickly summarised.

I don’t discriminate based on any ethnicity, disability, weight, nationality etc. I do prefer to meet people aged 35 and above, however I have had positive experiences with younger clients who felt they lacked experience or confidence, so it is something I will consider at my discretion. Please note I do not see anyone younger than 27. 

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