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I am drawn to potential clients when I sense we share similar values, I do not enjoy contorting or dulling myself in order to appeal. I like to show up to meet feeling relaxed and approachable, and I've found a little careful inquiry beforehand aids this considerably. I revel in the freedom that the client/provider dynamic brings our encounters; the release from the commitment of outside roles, responsibilities and traditional expectations. When entered into with a spirit of honesty, respect and kindness, I feel that it can be incredibly enriching, even transformative experience. I cherish these ever growing unique relationships, and feel grateful that they are part of my life.

I am a sensual person, I love touch, I love intimacy, and I love affection, and I absolutely adore kissing, it is an indispensable part of sexuality for me. My bottom line is mutual enjoyment, genuine mutual enjoyment. We are all individuals with different desires and arousals, and I approach each meeting with this in mind. The mind and body are inextricably linked, and I enjoy getting to know who someone is, as well as learning what makes them tick, and creating a space where we can unwind and be truly in the moment.

I want to learn how to make you happy, and I want to help you understand how to make me happy, and then may an enjoyable collaboration commence.

I do not have a "menu", I am probably not best suited to anyone fixated on acronyms, I think so much sexual compatibility comes down to personal chemistry and should be spontaneously explored together.

I am interested in Tantra and currently practise it in my private life. I also have several years’ experience with massage training, this is a personal favourite, and I love the feeling of skin on skin. I also have knowledge of Lingam and Yoni massage, and can both perform and teach the basics to you. I have found Tantra and Lingam to be very helpful with anyone suffering from any sexual related anxiety. Please note that if you would like to explore this, Tantra is not a set of tricks or technique that can be rattled off in an hour, so much of it is learning to be present and focused, and it takes time to develop. I do not consider myself an expert by any means, despite studying and practising for quite some time but do not wish to reduce something with such a vast cultural and spiritual history to mere titillation. If you are curious then I am always happy to share what I know, just know that it is a very deep area of study with immense depth, and often not at all concerned with sexuality.

I enjoy meeting couples that are more focused on the feminine partners experience rather than the masculine, when it revolves around her pleasure and making her experience as enjoyable possible, and we revel in doing this. Scenarios like this make up many of my favourite experiences!

I do not discriminate based ethnicity, disability, gender, weight, nationality etc. I do prefer to meet people aged 35 and above, however I have had positive experiences with younger clients who felt they lacked experience or confidence, so it is something I will consider at my discretion. Please note, due to my unease with the most likely power dynamic I do not see anyone younger than 27. 

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