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I am a rather private person, so I to say I don't enjoy writing things like these, is an understatment. I find it hard to write about myself in a way that doesn't feel mortifyingly self indulgant, however, I feel it is important to give it a go in order to attract likeminded, compatible souls.

I relocated to London several years ago after spending my twenties living and working in several different continents. I decided to leave my unfulfilling corperate job in order to persue something I find much more rewarding. This is what lead me to companionship, as it removed any financial limitations I may encounter whilst retraining whilst also letting me keep some free time for persuing other passions and just having space to breath.

I am well travelled, curious about people and places, experienced in life enough to know how little I know about anything and not to take myself too seriously.

On the surface, I am quite a calm, reserved person, I prefer small intimate gatherings to boisterous parties. Although I have quite an independent nature, people are very important to me. Not much gives more meaning to my life than the relationships and bonds I have with those I am close to. I am fortunate to be able to choose clients who I feel I will easily connect with, and who share similar values. I really appreciate these ever growing unique relationships, and I am always happy when we get the chance to see each other.

Those close to me have described me as a empathetic, down to earth, thoughtful and curious person. An open minded and a critical thinker, I adore conversation and learning about people and things, in all their complex glory. I am an introvert, I am sometimes judged as slightly serious, however despite first impressions, I am a sensitive soul, with a playful, slightlly goofy side, I do not take myself seriously at all.

I also have quite a wayward side, always keen to forge my own path, and drawn to a non-conventional way of living. I have a strong rebellious, hedonistic streak, I want to explore and experience all that life has to offer and refuse to be constrained by the puritanical, repressive norms and values imposed on women (and men!) by a close-minded, sexually repressed society. I have never bought into the common narrative that sexuality is in anyway shameful or degrading, and loathe the denial frequently cast upon my sexual agency.

However, whatever mischief I may get up to behind closed doors, I am a deeply private person and discretion is extremely important to me. I am very selective in who I chose to spend time with and it is of the utmost importance to me that my clients mirror this desire for privacy in their own lives.

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