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What i'm about

To live with regrets and wonder about what could have been is to deny the inherent transience of life. The only way to find true purpose and fulfilment is by taking chances and embracing the unknown with daring and courage.  Each opportunity that presents itself is a chance to grow, learn, and discover new aspects of our being. For it is in the daring and the doing that we truly come alive.

I seek clients who are considerate, respectful and appear to have put a little thought into who they are meeting. I'm a generous, empathetic soul, and what I do is very important to me, so I want to make sure we are the right fit so you get what you need.

I am definitely a woman, and I do not try to hide this. If you would rather have a docile ingénue, turn back now. I really dislike the type of sex work that is just a repetitive rehashing of tired, predictable, and constraining scripts. I think we should take the approach of just being ourselves, our real selves, (I have no expectations of you except you treat me with respect) and then discover our unique chemistry. If you're looking for deep conversations, tenderness, and companionship alongside eroticism and some raw sexual energy, then you may be in the right place.

I am a good looking woman who likes to embody simplicity and elegance, with long blonde hair and a sun kissed, freckled complexion; I wear little makeup and tend to wear my hair as it naturally lays, wavy, and slightly undone. My figure is slender yet curvaceous, soft and womanly, and my blue eyes reflect a depth of thought and a curiosity for the world around me, I've been told by different people that they are "intense" and "kind". In my style of dress, I enjoy dressing according to my own sense of style, whilst being location appropriate. Simple and classic pieces that accentuate my natural features and complement my understated beauty. I believe that true elegance lies in subtlety rather than extravagance, and I always dress discreetly, skin is for the bedroom. I am aware that may make me sound a little prudish, but I talk about sexuality with a undeniable frankness than can be a little surprising to those who misjudge me,

I am a humble and introspective person at heart, despite the writing so far pointing to the contrary. I am not one to boast about myself (this website was agonising to write.) My curious nature leads me to constantly seek out new experiences to process and learn from, and I have lived an interesting life of adventure.

I care deeply for people, and always try to have faith in their capacity for good. I strive to make a positive impact in the lives of those around me, I am a great lover but also a great friend. I value kindness and compassion, and always seek to extend these qualities to others. Hence why I am so careful who I surround myself with, I have good intuition, but I'm aware of the bad that can be encountered in this line of work, and although to be human is to be flawed, life is too short to spend with overly entitled, spiteful or deceitful people.

I revel in the freedom that the client/provider dynamic brings to our encounters; the release from the commitment of outside roles, responsibilities and traditional expectations means we are free to explore ourselves in a much more vulnerable, honest uninhibited way. I am a deeply sensual woman and have an endless love for mindful eroticism. When entered into with a spirit of honesty, respect and kindness, I feel that these meetings can be incredibly enriching, even transformative experiences. I value these evolving unique relationships, and feel grateful that they are part of my life.

I do not have a "menu", I am probably not best suited to anyone fixated on acronyms, I think so much sexual compatibility comes down to personal chemistry and should be spontaneously explored together as it unfolds organically.

I am interested in Tantra and currently practise it in my private life. I also have several years’ experience with massage training, this is a personal favourite, and I love the feeling of skin on skin. I love to be touched, and kissed, softly and gently. I also have knowledge of Lingam and Yoni massage, and can both perform and teach the basics to you. I have found Tantra and Lingam to be very helpful with anyone suffering from any sexual related anxiety. It can take a little time, but you have my commitment and patience, and it is superb in unfurling connection, true generosity, and vulnerability in your sexuality.


I adore meeting couples, or duos with other providers, however it is important to me that this is an experience that is being undertaken with enthusiasm from all parties. I also meet women alone if you would like to explore one on one first (or you know, just to do something for you.)

I do not discriminate based ethnicity, disability, gender, profession, weight, nationality etc. As a rough guide, I do prefer to meet people over the age of 30, however I have had positive experiences with younger clients who felt they lacked experience or confidence, so it is something I will consider. Please note, I do not feel comfortable seeing anyone younger than 25. 

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a Deeper dive

I have always found it difficult to sum up my online identity or 'brand,' and I still struggle to nail it down concisely for succinct marketing purposes. Besides being a very private person and struggling with the hyper-visibility that comes with the promotional aspect of this industry, I also feel uneasy about building expectations of my character as some inevitably superficial archetype. Not to say that I take myself so seriously that I defy definition, I just request that you remember, despite the professional nature of the relationship offered, there is a fully fleshed human writing these superfluous words, and that means complexity, depth, and at times, contradiction.

I have written a lot here, and I've thought several times about cutting it down. However, I really want you to get an idea of who you are meeting so I can show up as myself and share myself with you, knowing you value who I am. It gets a lot of the initial awkwardness out of the way when you have a sense of a person, rather than what is literally, a blind date!

As a young woman, I was a quiet non-conformist and fiercely independent. I had an insatiable desire to escape my small town and explore what life had to offer. I was determined not to be constrained by the puritanical, repressive norms and values imposed on women (and men!) by a closed-minded, repressed society. I often found myself on the move, experiencing all I could, exploring my sexuality, traveling often, and living in many different places.

This search for freedom and self-discovery was not without its challenges, however, and I often found myself grappling with the complex realities of a world that was not always kind to those who dared to step outside its margins. But it was through these experiences that I built resilience, a deeper capacity for empathy, and began to understand that for me, true happiness and fulfillment came from embracing my individuality, finding and building connections, and living life on my own terms. I am happy and content with the woman I have become: a kind heart and soul, independent yet still people-focused, and a critical thinker with an open, discerning mind.

I have had a few careers and spent many years in school. However, I recently completed a second Masters in Psychotherapy alongside Psychology and now work freelance with various organizations. I find this fulfilling, but recently I have been thinking about going back to school to train in something totally different. Having many strings to my bow feels like a smart move if I have the option, but I am still considering the best move. However, please be mindful when asking about work specifics as I have to keep where I work private.

I'm definitely not immune to the allure of the life of luxury, but while it was fun to experience, after a while, I found the novelty waned, making me much less conspicuous with my money. I am now financially very comfortable, although I still live quite simply. It affords me greater freedom, the ability to explore, to be independent, frankly, I don't have to be anyone's bitch. These are all the ingredients needed to live life to its fullest. I feel very lucky.

I continue to work as an escort due to something less material. As I get to pick who I meet, I connect with so many really cool, interesting, smart people. I love that I provide space for people where they they can be vulnerable and open, sometimes showing qualities they're afraid to reveal, for a variety of reasons. I hold an endless amount of secrets (to the grave), and if asked, I love to help people gain confidence in their lovemaking. I adore when I really hit it off with a client, even if it's just for infrequent business trips, years apart, or my regular relationships, super special to me, where we develop such a sense of ease and trust, some of my clients I have known since 2016! Very special people indeed, we know each other inside out, but accept we exist removed, respecting the distance we have from each others lives, however, in exchange we have that "spark", the fresh excitement you experience from a new crush, always excited to see each other, an eternal courtship!

I love to learn and share with people from all over the world, whether you come to me or I visit you. There is always a new perspective to see or hear, so in a nutshell, this I find this job fascinating and fun.

During my free time, I enjoy traveling and exploring London—its food, art, music, and theaters. I'm pretty good now at knowing all the best places, the quiet corners, so if you are visiting and need a guide, I've got you covered. Along with these pursuits I also try to challenge myself; currently by learning Mandarin (太难了), cooking a recipe from a new cuisine (recently Sichuan and Bhutanese) tending to my garden (my lockdown sanity saviour!) swimming, sometime outside--the colder the better, a habit initially instilled in me from my upbringing by the north coast, nothing releases you like total submersion in cold water, that or running until my lungs burn and legs turn to jelly. I also watch a huge amount of films from all over the world when I've a spare few hours, I love an independent cinema!

As I've grown older, I've come to a place of self-acceptance and confidence in myself that I never thought possible for the quiet, bookish girl in the chess club! Perhaps it's the liberation that comes with time, or the wisdom that comes from experience. Whatever it is, it seems to have given me a knack for making genuine connections, and establishing chemistry that feels authentic and exhilarating.

  • What is your ideal client?
    Respectful, smart and a good communicator, although I do have a soft spot for shy men. Emotional intelligence is very sexy, and being clean and smelling good. As for turn offs, arrogance, entitlement is a big one, gossiping about othe providers, and being rude to service people.
  • Do I need to bring a gift?
    Of course not, just bring your lovely self! They are honestly never expected. However, I know there are people out there that find enjoyment in gifting, so you can find my wishtender here for some ideas:
  • I am concerned about safety, what precautions do you take?
    So am I! This is why I am selective with who I meet, I need to be. I need to get an idea of who you are and what you are about before we can meet, so I can feel comfortable and secure. Like most sex workers I take my sexual health very seriously and I am very well informed on safe sex practices. I also visit a clinic every 6 weeks at a minimum for a full sexual health screening. I have also been fully vaccinated against Hep B. I have never contracted a STD (although there's no shame in that) and want to try and continue to keep myself as safe as possible. So I ask that you respect this and not be offended at any precautions I feel I need to take to protect myself. Any requests or attempts at unprotected genital contact will mean we will never meet again. Any pressure, requests or attempts (however light-hearted or jokey) to do anything I have informed you I do not wish to do will result in the end of our meeting. You may not see yourself as having any bad intentions, but it corrodes my trust in your ability to respect my boundaries and wellbeing, so to prevent possible escalation I have a zero tolerance policy in regards to this. It may seem a little harsh, but stealthing is unfortunately becoming increasingly prevalent. I myself have had personal experience of this by a client I had known for a long time time and completely trusted. So I now have zero tolerance.
  • What will you wear for our meeting? Can I request something?
    When I meet clients, I want to present myself in a way that is understated yet sophisticated, with clothing and accessories that enhance my looks whilst fitting in and being discreet. I want to dress so I blend in like any other elegant woman with a sense of style in London who is going on a date. At the same time, I think it's crucial that I feel comfortable and confident in what I'm wearing. That's why I make it a priority to dress in a way that reflects my own tastes and preferences, rather than trying to conform to any particular client's expectations... which honestly, I find sometimes is rather boring and outdated (Eeek sorry guys!). Of course, I will always dress to fit a certain occasion, but ultimately I feel that being able to express myself through my clothing is an important part of being authentic and true to myself, which in turn allows me to be more present and engaged with my clients, as I don't feel I am in uniform.
  • Can you be available short notice?
    No, the best I could do is 24 hours but that is pretty unlikely, you can try though!
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