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To live with regrets and wonder about what could have been is to deny the inherent transience of life. The only way to find true purpose and fulfilment is by taking chances and embracing the unknown with daring and courage.  Each opportunity that presents itself is a chance to grow, learn, and discover new aspects of our being. For it is in the daring and the doing that we truly come alive.

I have always felt it difficult to sum up my online identity or 'brand', and I still struggle to nail it down concisely for succint marketing purposes. Besides being a very private person and struggling with the hyper-visibility which comes with the promotional aspect of this industry, I also feel uneasy about building expectations of my character as some inevitably superficial archetype. Not to say that I take myself so seriously I feel I defy definition, I just request that you remember despite the professional nature of the relationship offered, there is a fully fleshed human writing these words, and that means complexity, depth, and at times, contradiction.

As a young woman, I was a quiet non-conformist and fiercely independent. I had an insatiable desire to escape my small town and explore what life had to offer. I was determind not be constrained by the puritanical, repressive norms and values imposed on women (and men!) by a closed-minded, repressed society. I found myself often on the move, travelling often and living in many different places.

It's funny how much we think we know about ourselves, until we don't. In my younger years, I was always searching for something more, something different, but I found my thirst for adventure was not just a means of youthful escapism. It was also a way for me to discover who I truly was and what I wanted out of life.


This search for freedom and self discovery was not without its challenges, however, and I often found myself grappling with the complex realities of a world that was not always kind to those who dared to step outside its narrow confines. But it was through these experiences that I built resilience, a deeper capacity for empathy, and began to understand that for me, true happiness and fulfilment came from embracing my individuality, finding connection and living life on my own terms. I am happy and content with the woman I have become: a kind heart and soul, independent natured yet still people focused, and a critical thinker with an open, discerning mind.

These days, my life has taken on a different pace. While I still have a desire for adventure and new experiences, I have also come to appreciate the value of a slower, more mindful existence. I have found that the contrast between the two - the excitement of new experiences and the calmness of a more grounded life - is what keeps me balanced and fulfilled.

There's a certain allure to the life of luxury, but it's not what sustains me. I've come to understand that the true happiness I find in this work comes from something less materialistic, something more intangible. Maybe it's the connection I make with my clients, or it could be the sense of freedom, exploration and independence my work allows me. It may be hard to pin down exactly, but I value it all.

During my free time, I take pleasure in exploring art, literature, and film. However, along with these pursuits I also try to challenge myself; currently by learning Mandarin, cooking a recipe from a new cuisine (Recently Sichuan and Indonesian) tending to my garden (my lockdown sanity saviour!) and swimming outside, the colder the better! A habit initially formed in me from my upbringing by the north coast but rekindled last year as a way to get out of a winter funk (it was successful). I am currently studying, but I previously trained as a therapist, which I know do voluntarily, as I find fulfillment in giving back to my community. There is nothing more important to me than the relationships I have with those I hold dear, so I spend a lot of time with loved ones, and tending our bond, or exploring new ones. I am drawn to those who possess authenticity, curiosity, and an open-mindedness, as I value depth and character above all else.

As I've grown older, I've come to a place of self-acceptance and confidence in myself that I never thought possible. Perhaps it's the liberation that comes with time, or the wisdom that comes from experience. Whatever it is, it seems to have given me a knack for making genuine connections, and establishing chemistry that feels authentic and exhilarating.

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what to expect

I seek clients who are considerate, respectful and appear to have put a little thought into who they are meeting. Entitlement is a huge turn off. I like to show up to meet you feeling present and relaxed, and I've found a little careful inquiry into our compatibility beforehand aids this considerably.

I want to meet people who are seeking a grown woman, rather than a docile ingénue. No tired, constraining scripts, let's just be ourselves and discover our unique chemistry. If you are looking for conversation, affection and companionship alongside eroticism and sexual attraction then you're in the right place.

I'm a woman who strives to embody simplicity and elegance, with long, wavy blonde hair and a naturally tanned complexion that I attribute to my love of the outdoors. At 5'8, my figure is slender yet curvaceous, and my blue eyes reflect a depth of thought and a curiosity for the world around me. In my style of dress, I favour simple and classic pieces that accentuate my natural features and complement my understated beauty. I believe that true elegance lies in subtlety rather than extravagance.

Despite how it may appear above, I am a humble and introspective person at heart. My curious nature leads me to constantly seek out new experiences and learn from the world around me. I am not one to boast about my appearance or accomplishments (this website excepted!!), but rather, I prefer to let my character speak for itself. My curiosity for the world around me fuels my desire to learn and grow, and I always strive to make a positive impact in the lives of those around me. I value kindness and compassion, and always seek to extend these qualities to others.

I revel in the freedom that the client/provider dynamic brings to our encounters, the release from the commitment of outside roles, responsibilities and traditional expectations. When entered into with a spirit of honesty, respect and kindness, I feel that it can be an incredibly enriching, even transformative experience. I value these evolving unique relationships, and feel grateful that they are part of my life.

I do not have a "menu", I am probably not best suited to anyone fixated on acronyms, I think so much sexual compatibility comes down to personal chemistry and should be spontaneously explored together as it unfolds organically.

I am interested in Tantra and currently practise it in my private life. I also have several years’ experience with massage training, this is a personal favourite, and I love the feeling of skin on skin. I also have knowledge of Lingam and Yoni massage, and can both perform and teach the basics to you. I have found Tantra and Lingam to be very helpful with anyone suffering from any sexual related anxiety. It is a long road, and involves commitment and patience, but is superb in unfurling connection, true generosity, and vulnerability in your sexuality.


I adore meeting couples, however it is important to me that this is an experience that is being undertaken with enthusiasm from all parties. I also meet women alone if you would like to explore one on one first (or you know, just to do something for you.)

I do not discriminate based ethnicity, disability, gender, weight, nationality etc. As a rough guide, I do prefer to meet people over the age of 30, however I have had positive experiences with younger clients who felt they lacked experience or confidence, so it is something I will consider. Please note, I do not ever see anyone younger than 25. 

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