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I relocated to London several years ago after spending most of my twenties living and working in various continents. My job left me drained and unfulfilled, and so I made the decision to pursue something more rewarding, and in a nutshell that is what led me to become Sadie. To be honest, the initial draw was the freedom that the removal of financial constraints afforded me. The ability to pursue any endeavour I wished, and still be able to keep some space to live and breathe felt (and is) invaluable. However it is what I found beyond this that made me decide to stay.

I have always felt it difficult to sum up my online identity or 'brand', and I still struggle to nail it down concisely for succint marketing purposes. Besides being a very private person and struggling with the hyper-visibility which comes with the promotional aspect of this industry, I also feel uneasy about building expectations of my character as some inevitably superficial archetype. Not to say that I take myself so seriously I feel I defy definition, I just request that you remember despite the professional nature of the relationship offered, there is a fully fleshed human writing these words, and that means complexity, depth, and at times, contradiction.

I've found as I have grown into a woman, my sense of ease with who I am has grown inversely proportional to my concern for being liked, however I am a kind soul, with a playful sense of humour, and although I have an independent nature, people are incredibly important to me. There is little that gives more meaning to my life than the relationships I have with the ones I hold dear.

Those close to me describe me as empathetic, thoughtful, honest and curious. A critical thinker with an open mind, I love stimulating conversation, new experiences; and learning about people, life and the world we live in. Learning how it all works and revelling in its glorious complexity. Frequently a non-conformist, I was always keen to live life on my own terms. I want to explore and experience all that life could offer me and refuse to be constrained by the puritanical, repressive norms and values imposed on women (and men!) by a close-minded, sexually repressed society. I have never bought into the narrative that sexuality is in anyway shameful or degrading, and loathe the denial that is frequently cast upon my sexual agency.

However, whatever I may get up to behind closed doors, I am a deeply private person and discretion is extremely important to me. I am very careful regarding whom I spend time with, keeping my circle small, and it is of the utmost importance to me that my clients mirror this desire in their own lives.

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independent escorts london

Sadie O'Shea is a London independent escort.I prefer working for myself, and could not imagine handing over control of who I meet and when, my client list has been carefully curated in order to ensure my comfort, wellbeing, a keep my stress levels low! A mature independent escort based in London, you can read more about who I am and what I do an a high class independent escort. |independent escort london I've purposefully gone into a lot of detail on my site in order for you to get a little insight into who I am, high class mature escorts london you can also read more about who I am in my most recent blog post english escort london

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