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Treat me

Survival International

Firstly, gifts are absolutely never expected or required. I created a wishlist because I know some people are givers, and have mentioned that they would love to gift me a something to show their appreciation, but they felt a bit lost when it came to choosing something I might like. My friends and family always say I am difficult to buy for (I disagree!), so I thought I would make a list in order to provide some inspiration for anyone of this persuasion who feels a bit stuck.

My favourite gifts are frivolous things that I would feel guilty buying myself. I'm not a regular drinker, but do love a good bottle of champagne, I love perfume but I am pretty particular about scents (my current fave is Diptyque Orpheon) I love expensive olive oil, and excellent kitchen knives. I also love candles, Rik Rak and Diptyque are my favourites. I have a wishtender which has some things I like.

I am currently learning Mandarin, and so giftcards towards Italki (where I see my online tutor) are also super appriciated! 我已经学习中文一年了,但我的中文还是不好。 我真的很想提高,对于我的学习有经济上的帮助,我很感激。You can buy me a voucher which helps pay for my lessons.

I also love when people donate to my favourite charities, sending a receipt when introducing yourself is a surefire way to get my attention, so I have linked a couple here too.

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