treat me

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Firstly, gifts are absolutely never expected. I created a wishlist because people have mentioned that they wished to gift me a token to show their appreciation, but they felt a bit lost when it came to choosing something I might like. My friends and family always say I am difficult to buy for (I disagree!), so I thought I would make a list in order to provide some inspiration for anyone who feels stuck.

I am a lover of the practical. I live a healthy lifestyle and don't really drink much, I am very picky about scents and I would much rather a bottle of expensive olive oil than champagne. OK, so maybe I am a bit difficult!

I am currently learning Mandarin, and so giftcards towards Italki (where I see my online tutor) are also super appriciated! Please use for vouchers. 我学中文已经三个月了。我真的很想你帮助我学习

I also love when people donate to my favourite charities, so I have linked a couple here too.