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Sadie O'Shea

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Mature highclass independent

seeking A sensual adventure of Curiosity and connection 

If the word "connection" sparked something in you, I would suggest you keep reading as I think I could be worth your time.

If you are looking for some real humanity amongst this ocean of artifice, you've found it. I wrote this site very honestly, in order to provide authentic insight into who I am, and what I can give you, as I want to find the people that resonates with. My goal is to attract the right people, not just anybody.

I get great pleasure from intimacy when it's done this way, based on openess and compatibility.

Let's see if we connect.

Thanks for submitting!

independent escort if you are searching for an independent escort london in can be incredibly daunting, with many agencies and directories overwhelming you with choice. It is difficult to actually connect with the lady herself. There are many mature escort london a women who knows herself and you can converse with, it is understandable that this would be quite a draw.

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A Striking British blonde With a low key understated style. An Independent escort in London

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Hey there, I'm Sadie, I am a high class independent escort and based in central london, this text is to help you find me, so rather clinical as it is not here to appeal to humans. You can find much more authentic writing about who I actually am on the About me section, where I am free to write like a real person, without analytics looming in the back of my mind. So you can scroll back up or click here.

Intro to me

Like I said above, please take this with a pinch of salt as it is total marketing bumpf. A neccessary evil for search optimisation, I wrote it but the style is too flowery, OTT and makes me cringe! It's not my voice, please look at my main about page for that. Anyway, back to the marketing: I am a woman who cherishes simplicity and elegance. My long, wavy blonde hair and naturally tanned complexion reflect my love for the outdoors. With an above-average height, my figure is slender yet curvaceous, and my blue eyes radiate depth and curiosity.

My fashion choices are timeless and refined, emphasizing my natural attributes and accentuating my understated beauty. To me, genuine elegance resides in understatement rather than flamboyance.

Despite my physical attributes, I am a modest and introspective individual at heart. I take pleasure in the little things in life, such as reading a good book, spending quality time with loved ones, and exploring new territories. My thirst for knowledge motivates me to seek fresh experiences and learn from the world around me.

I am not one to brag about my appearance or achievements; instead, I let my character and actions do the talking. Kindness and compassion are my top priorities, and I am committed to making a positive impact on the lives of those around me.

Although I don't boast about my looks or accomplishments, I take pride in who I am and the values I uphold. My belief is that true beauty is found in a person's character and how they treat others.

I'm a woman who strives to embody simplicity and elegance, with long, wavy blonde hair and a naturally tanned complexion that I attribute to my love of the outdoors. At just above average height, my figure is slender yet curvaceous, and my blue eyes reflect a depth of thought and a curiosity for the world around me.

In my style of dress, I favor simple and classic pieces that accentuate my natural features and complement my understated beauty. I believe that true elegance lies in subtlety rather than extravagance.

Despite my physical appearance, I am a humble and introspective person at heart. I find joy in the simple things in life, such as reading a good book, spending time with loved ones, and exploring new places. My curious nature leads me to constantly seek out new experiences and learn from the world around me.

I am not one to boast about my appearance or accomplishments, but rather, I prefer to let my character speak for itself. I value kindness and compassion above all else, and strive to make a positive impact in the lives of those around me.

While I may not be one to boast about my appearance or accomplishments, I am proud of the person I am and the values that I hold dear. I believe that true beauty lies in one's character and the way they treat others.

My curiosity for the world around me fuels my desire to learn and grow, and I strive to make a positive impact in the lives of those around me. I value kindness and compassion above all else, and always seek to extend these qualities to others.

In short, I am a woman who values humility and strives to embody simplicity and elegance in all aspects of my life, while always seeking to make a positive impact in the world.


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Welcome to my website, where I offer my services as an independent escort in London. As a woman in my late 30s, I have a passion for helping men find pleasure and satisfaction in their sexual lives. Think of me as a wise, witty, and well-read sex coach.

I bring a unique blend of education, humor, and experience to my work as an escort. My clients appreciate my intellect and wit, which make for stimulating conversation and a comfortable, relaxed environment. Plus, a good sense of humor is always helpful when it comes to exploring the intricacies of human sexuality.

When it comes to the kind of men I like to work with, I value intelligence, kindness, and respect above all else. I am drawn to men who are open-minded, curious, and eager to learn. After all, a willingness to try new things is essential when it comes to exploring one's sexuality.

In addition to my work as an escort, I have a wide range of interests and passions. I am an avid reader and enjoy exploring literature that challenges norms and pushes boundaries. Right now, I'm reading "The Idiot," which is making me wonder why everyone can't be as open and honest about their emotions as the characters in the book.

I am also a lover of classical music and enjoy attending recitals and concerts whenever I can. Cooking is another passion of mine, and I take great pleasure in exploring new cuisines and trying out new recipes. And let's not forget my passion for cinema. I have a particular appreciation for the work of directors like Kore-eda and David Lynch, who challenge traditional storytelling conventions and push boundaries.

Aside from my interests, I am also a Mandarin learner. If you speak Mandarin, I would love to practice with you (但我害羞). I believe that learning new languages is an great way to broaden one's horizons and deepen one's understanding of different cultures.

To wrap it up, I am a woman of intelligence, wit, and passion who is dedicated to helping men achieve sexual fulfillment and satisfaction. My unique blend of education and interests make me the perfect guide for your journey towards sexual enlightenment. So, if you are ready to explore the possibilities and have a good laugh along the way, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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I offer a bespoke, unrushed service as a high-class British companion in London. My focus is on creating a deep connection with my clients, and I am skilled in creating a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere through careful screening for compatibility. Discretion and professionalism are of the utmost importance to me, and I cater to discerning clients who are selective in their choice of companions. I am a blonde woman in my mid-thirties, slim and 5'7" in height. I am currently pursuing post-graduate education and have a wealth of travel experience. My physical features include long, dark blonde hair, blue eyes framed by long eyelashes, and full lips. My skin is naturally fair with light freckles, and I have a slender waist that contrasts with my curvy hips. I specialize in the girlfriend experience (GFE) and offer elite GFE services in London. Additionally, I am experienced in Tantra, lingam, and yoni massage, and I am passionate about providing sensual and erotic massages using oil.

Enjoy my independent escort pictures,

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GFE Girlfriend experience escort provides a more intimate experience. Affectionate and intimate, they will make you feel special, safe and cared for. Spooning, cuddling, just spending time with a woman who makes you feel seen, sex is more intimate, unrushed and both parties are more engaged.

Independent London escort Sadie find out more about her interests here.

High-class escorts have the experience and professionalism to know exactly what you are looking for. We have an intution, and the ability to choose clients based on what we excel at. I’m an experienced independent escort with natural breasts and slim but curvy body, ready to accompany you to where ever you may want go. I am fully verified via P411 a third party screening service so you are safe in my hands

If you would like to book a London independent escort, please carefully read my site and then if you feel I am what you are looking for, contact me via my booking from. Please write an introduction including information about yourself, what you are looking for, and when you would like to meet. Please add your linked in profile link, or reference contacts, they must have web presence so I can verify. 

I took some time to help you with the booking process of an independent escort in London. You may be new to this and feel rather daunted by how exactly to approach things. Firstly there are many reasons a woman may work for an agency, and I do not wish to disparage them, being an independent London escort involves an incredible amount of work, and is almost a full time job, I find it incredibly difficult to juggle with work, and have to be careful to keep the balance right. Independent escorts have to maintain and build a social media brand often on multiple platforms, but it means I can be truly in control of who I meet, and that makes it worth it. I also have built this brand and do not want to ruin it by scamming or any other poor behaviour, so there is more of an element of trust there that I hope helps you feel a little at ease. Plus you can get more of an insight into who you are really meeting when it has been written by the person themselves and not just a third party with a financial motive to get you to book. I know I have that too, but I realised a long time ago, all money is not good money, and my time and energy are too precious to be spent with arseholes! 


If you think you are ready to meet me? Contact a Independent escort London

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