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Some tips and information to ensure everything runs smoothly:

As my availability is limited, I need to safeguard my time against cancellations. Therefore a deposit will be required to secure all appointments, even if I have met you many times before. I require bank transfer, and can quickly process international transfers, but gift cards can be a last resort, at my discretion. Deposits are non refundable, however they can be put towards another date within 2 months (3 if you live overseas) as long as you give at least 72hrs hours notice, however I do take a yearly random hiatus so please bear this in mind. If you cancel within 24 hrs you will be required to pay in full in order to rebook. I know this may seem strict but I don't accept many bookings and so in order to hold your spot I will have turned down other opportunities (in my personal life or another client) which I can't just reschedule.

If for some unavoidable reason I need to cancel, I will refund any deposit in full (from my discreetly named business account) and will make you first priority with regards to my time if you would like to rearrange, or I can help you find another provider. If I cancel without 72 hours notice I will add extra time to our next meeting.

I screen all potential clients for safety and compatibility, this will involve you sharing your real world information, I need your legal name. I do not accept references alone. I am very careful about who I spend time with, and I expect you to be too. I only consider thoughtful, courteous enquiries from those who understand that in order for us to have the best possible experience together, I need to feel that I am safe, but also that you are too. I understand concern from those who live in countries where they are criminalised, or who just are concerned about privacy in general, please know I take great care with people's personal information. I am a professional and deeply care about digital security. All indentifying informtion is sent to protonmail, a secure email service, I have 2FA, my password is stupidly long, complex. and of course unique and known only to me, if someone manages to change my password all emails are wiped. All emails will be deleted after we have met. I do not share your info with anyone (unless I'm leaving the country, but we can discuss that personally) besides letting a family member know the location to where I am going so they can check I leave safely. I have been Sadie since 2016 and have a good (great?) reputation of professionalism and integrity, and I am proud of that! I do not gossip and ask you do not either.

I will contact you a few days before we are due to meet, please get back to me to confirm at the very latest the evening before the booking. If I do not hear from you by then, I may assume a no show and make other plans.

Please can you pay the fee before we meet, or within the first few minutes, I prefer digitial payment, so please confirm cash payment is ok with me, and present it at the beginning of our meeting. Please don't make me have to prompt you.  If we are meeting in public please place it inside a card in a gift bag, book or file and pass it to me discreetly. I do not accept Paypal, Cashapp, Revolut, Venmo or any other payment processors. Please pay me to the bank account provided, and please use the reference I give.

A huge turn off for me is bad hygiene and/or breath. I will have meticulously showered before meeting you (and will freshen up upon arrival) so I ask you to please do the same (it's sad and gross that I have to ask this but please wash down there, front and back). Both of us being freshly showered with minty fresh breath means we avoid the awkward event of me having to mention there is a problem (which I will), and it just wastes time and ruins the mood when we we could be spending it much more productively.

I take my privacy and discretion very seriously, just as I will take yours. Due to the rise in secret filming, I will be looking out for hidden cameras and I have a GPS/LED detector that I bring to all appointments, I will ask for electronics/smart watches to be put away. I do not like doing this, and understand it may feel insulting but it is something that I can not risk happening, so please respect my need to do what is necessary to feel safe. Please may I just point out that secret filming is illegal in UK and as I am low volume I will know who you are and make you wish you were never born. I am happy for you to do the same at my incall. 

As of 8th Jan 2020, I have a no review policy, I do not wish to feature on review sites. However I welcome feedback and if you would like to write me a testimonial I would love that, please email it to me and I will add it to my testimonial page (if you don't mind).

I know that this might seem like a lot of rather blunt and unsexy information and rules but in person I really am a sensitive, nuturing person who loves this job and wants to continue to love it, and a bad experience (though thankfully extremely rare) can really dampen my capacity for intimacy while I take time to heal. So this is what I have in place to weed out the scumbags that plague this industry and ensure my safety, sanity and manage my time efficiently without jeopardising the other areas of my life unnecessarily. Being upfront about my boundaries helps me stay happy, relaxed and ready to devote my energy and attention on getting to know you.

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