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mature london escorts


For any of us looking for the right companion we are dependent in the first instance on the companion’s website and their words about themselves. Sadie is so accurate, honest as well as eloquent in the way she describes herself and the companion relationships she wishes to develop. She is of course very beautiful with a beautiful body to match; but what makes her very special is her personality and her authenticity. Sadie is not an actor playing a role fashioned around some preconception of needs and interests. She is a real and genuine person who from the moment she meets you is seeking to understand and connect with you and discover that special bond between a professional companion and their client. I found her to be captivating, intelligent, interesting and thoughtful. She is deeply desirable and her sexuality is that much more exciting because of the intimate connection she makes. If you want depth within the bounds of a companion relationship then Sadie is the right choice. 

Feb 2020 - DS

I have had the privilege of spending time with Sadie on multiple occasions. Without hesitation or embellishment, I can say that, if available, Sadie is my stand-out first choice to spend time with in London. Sadie is charming, elegant, smart, articulate and the perfect evening companion, a beautiful lady with such an extraordinary personality is a real find. Her gentle, positive demeanour is contagious. Whilst sitting opposite her at dinner, it is a delightful dance of one moment being enraptured by her conversation (good God, she is smart) and the next moment getting lost in her beautiful and expressive blue eyes. I find my time with Sadie is a delightful tension between never wanting the current moment to end and wanting the next moment to begin. There is, literally, no one else in London I would prefer to spend time with. She is brilliant and I feel privileged to have met her and being able to spend far too little time with her.

Jan 2020 - BC

"Before I booked Sadie, I spent a lot of time looking round for the right person to meet. Somebody I could be myself with, and would be themselves during our time together. Somebody I felt I could share an authentic connection with. After reading all of Sadie's website, I thought that would be a possibility. After our 20 minute chat before confirming the booking, I thought it would be a probability. By the end of the evening together, I knew I'd hit the jackpot. Conversation flowed easily, across so many topics and with so much common ground it felt like I was getting back together with an old friend. Empathetic, intelligent, beautiful. The private time will remain just that, private, but you can add passionate to the list as well. I'm already planning the next meeting."

Aug 2019 - DV

"Sadie is so considerate and giving that I forget it is a service. Each time I go back to see her (and I always do) I am nervous, wondering, can she really be that good? And the answer, folks, is, Yes She Can! She is very beautiful, with ash-blonde hair, blue eyes and with full lips, ripe for kissing... and she has a figure to die for... The best girlfriend experience I have ever had. If you are looking for a wham bam porn star experience then Sadie is probably not for you. But if you are looking for an emotionally intelligent, charming, beautiful, considerate companion, then beg, borrow or steal, but do not miss the chance to meet Sadie."

Aug 2017 - HB

You probably have already seen Sadie's pictures, so will know how beautiful she is, but let me assure you her pictures scarcely scratch the surface, in person, she is simply stunning, with incredibly expressive eyes. But really her true beauty, and the reason why she is so outstanding is her personality, she is witty, intelligent, caring and empathetic, in short, she is a brilliant conversationalist and the perfect date who works hard to create a real connection with you. What makes Sadie truly special is that I never feel like she is playing a part, or pretending to be engaged, my time with her feels just like time with a girlfriend on a great date, which gets just gets better and better each time.

Jan 2017 - MJ

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