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Sadie O'Shea  • Sept 18, 2021 • 2 min read

The importance of time

I feel a terrible pressure to write these posts now. I am very critical about what I write, rereading so much, probably to the point that I become excessively captious and will resign lots of attempts to the recycle bin that perhaps were completely fine.

Anyway, there are many topics I want to talk about, Tantra (too long), shame and Madonna/whore complex (too heavy), boundaries and sex work (too complicated), so I think today I will talk about time: The importance of time in bookings, primarily, making sure there is enough of it. Male sexuality (I know I’m generalising here) is all about urgency, I’m sure for evolutionary useful reasons. I understand when most men are searching for an escort on google, there is an unrelenting sexual urge driving it, they want it satisfied as quickly as possible. That is why so many men use escort agencies, more so than independent escorts.

However, there is joy to be found it holding back a little, and if you are really interested in a mutually pleasurable encounter, then you need time. It provides space for trust, chemistry, and intimacy to build, and I can’t speak for all women, but I need it to get off. Just like my need to understand who I am meeting before we even see each other’s faces, when we do meet I need to continue to build on this knowledge. You can get to know someone without getting into specifics, in fact I would say a lot of that stuff is irrelevant to who people actually are. That’s why I love dinner dates, it doesn’t always have to be lunch/dinner, but activities together, and exploring London’s endless options are a great way to spend our time together and get to know each other in a different context. Anticipation, conversation, small discreet, accidental touches, are all very erotic and build a picture of what may come later in each other’s minds.

“The key is in not spending time, but in investing it” Stephen Covey.

I am wary to share a quote by this kind of author, as I have issues with a lot of this kind of life/business efficiency stuff (maybe I’m being unfair, I admit I’ve not read any of his books). Healthy self-discipline and personal responsibility are one thing, but I hate this pressure for constant material productivity, to always be doing something that produces a quantifiable outcome, browbeating ourselves to always be busy and occupied, self-improving. I think it is to blame for a lot of the world’s problems, that we cannot just be, ironically sometimes growth can be staying still and finding contentment in the present. However this quote spoke to me, and I would say that time invested doing what some would call “nothing”: rest, relaxation, being present with another person, sharing a moment is the most important investment of time that there is, as it is to these moments which we will reminisce when we look back over how we spent our lives.

I know it is not always possible for everyone to do this for discretionary/financial reasons, and it has been made so much harder this last year due to Covid, but I have missed it terribly and I am so, so glad I am getting to live these experiences again. It has been part of the reason I feel like I am starting to feel alive again. Even if the world is going to shit, I think that it has made me feel a pressing resolution to spend my time being as grateful and present as possible, just enjoying what I can. I still don’t have much time for bookings. I promised myself that my life outside this world comes first, and I am sticking to this, but I value the time I spend with who I meet, and I feel incredibly fortunate to meet the thoughtful, considerate clients that I do.

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